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Are you excited? Me too! The countdown is on for the big Windows 10 release and it looks like Microsoft really listened to their customers this time. Steering clear of the failure that was Windows 8 and the so called improvement that was 8.1, the designers have brought their A game this time, bringing back the beloved start menu, a new browser (Good riddance Explorer!), and the introduction of the Sultry Cortana, your new virtual personal assistant. Making the transition from directing survivors in Halo to keeping track of your appointments Cortana adds a little adventure to scheduling that next dental visit. Gone are the days when an Operating System just managed your programs. Windows 10 is going to be the cool kids table, and with free upgrades for all Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users for a whole year (listen up procrastinators) you now have your golden ticket.

windows 10 start menu
The normal windows start menu is back.

In addition to the basic system, Windows 10 will offer an interactive environment where you can get it in on a little Xbox action and whether you prefer classic games like solitaire, or you’re ready to crush a little candy Windows 10 has something for you! With a seamless integration between phone, tablet to pc, it seems Windows 10 will offer the flexibility needed without sacrificing functionality. Couple that with the not so hush-hush buzz about Hololens its clear to see we are indeed stepping into a bright innovative future. As the summer quickly approaches, and each day brings us closer to the release date, check in frequently with your local tech shops who will no doubt be ready purge your system of the dreadful 8 and get you a fresh start in this new world.