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We are equipped with the latest data recovery hardware to provide services ranging from simple transfer to the most difficult clean room recoveries. Our tools are read only to provide a forensic image of your defective drive. We re-unite clients every day with their irreplaceable photos, documents, database files and more. Stop by for a free diagnostic to get your recovery started.

data recovery in action
data recovery on a mechanical hard drive


Types of Recovery

Data Transfer: Move your data from an undamaged drive to another. Useful in cases where your computer no longer works but the hard drive is fine.

Advanced Data Recovery: The majority of recoveries are advanced recoveries for drives that no longer interface with computers or motherboards. These drives aren't recognized and data can't be moved from them. They can have firmware corruption, sector damage, cyclic data redundancy errors, formatting problems and more.

Mechanical Recovery: The equivalent of medical surgery for your hard drive. The internal structure of your drive is a delicate closed air environment where synchronized arms cross over to your data platters at over 5400rpm to read data. Your drive must be operated on in our clean room environment.