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Rockville is where VitalTech got its start.

We're proud to provide you with Maryland's highest rated data recovery service. Our business is a level 3 data recovery provider which means we have the tools and expertise to repair any hard drive from simple logical issues to clean room recovery right here in Rockville without shipping out. Our diagnostic service is free and our pricing is fair.

data recovery in action
data recovery on a mechanical hard drive


Types of Recovery

Data Transfer: Transfer data from a failed computer to a new computer or external drive. Your hard drive is healthy in these cases.

Advanced Data Recovery: Professional data recovery for all types of drive failures including formatting, deleted files, unrecognized devices, unreadable files and more. Most hard drives need this type of data recovery.

Mechanical Recovery: Your drive needs to be opened so that the internal moving components such as the read-write arms and heads can be swapped. These repairs are very delicate and the parts are expensive.