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To Fix, Toss, Or Recycle Your Computer

When your pc breaks, there comes a moment when an internal conversation plays out. You may ask yourself if it’s worth fixing or if you should start looking for a new one. Because they never seem to break at a convenient time, it is easy for our emotions to get ahead of us.

In the tech industry, there are many specialties that deal with certain failures of the computer; hardware repairs such as screens, keyboards, jacks, and hard drives as well as software repairs that work specifically to diagnose and fix your programs and operating systems, as well as data recovery which will retrieve data in the case of a critical failure.

By taking the unit to a technician who specializes in these fields they can assess the overall health of the unit and let you know if it’s repairable and if it’s worth it.

We live in a society where everything is made to be quickly used and quickly disposed of. Wrappers, packaging, utensils, even footwear and clothing. However, it becomes a problem when we relegate this same system of stuff in, stuff out to our tech gadgets.

desktop computer for recycling

Americans toss out on average over 2 million tons of tech gadgets yearly, and while that generally is not a significant figure for our overall waste, it is the largest contributor of toxic materials for our environment. Additionally, these products sink close to $100 million dollars’ worth of precious metals such as gold and silver back into the ground.

With so much unnecessary waste, it is imperative to have your unit evaluated before tossing it. Repairs on screens, hard drives, keyboards and operating systems are extremely common and are cost effective when compared to purchasing a new unit. However things such as motherboard replacement on a laptop would not be recommended. If your unit does prove to be a total loss, ask about data recovery and recycling of the unit to help keep our environment clean.

If you have any questions about properly disposing of your tech gadgets please give us a call and we would be happy to tell you the proper steps.

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