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Tool Tuesday: Malware Bytes Anti-Malware

Malware Bytes is an anti-malware tool that is very popular because it is both effective and free. However, you are given the option to pay for a consumer license which will expand the abilities of the program to better safeguard your computer. Basically, the free version of Malware Bytes is an on-demand scanner. That means that it only runs when you tell it to. You cannot schedule it to run at set times or to update in the background or anything like that. It must be activated by you. Despite this limitation, the free version removes just as much malware as the paid version.

malware bytes

However, when it comes to computer security the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is completely true. Some infections can push your computer way past the point of even being able to run Malware Bytes to remove the offending trojans. In those cases, your free version of MB will be useless. Then again, if you opted for the paid version of the program, it would allow you to run a live scanning version of the program which would oversee and inspect all actions taken on the computer to keep you safe.

Finally, Malware Bytes is very easy to use. You will be prompted to check for updates every time you open the program and then you will reach the scanner page. Once there. you can select whether to perform a quick scan, a full scan or a flash scan (paid version only). The quick scan will check your windows folder and user files such as your application data folder where most malware roots itself nowadays. The full scan will check absolutely everything on your computer. The flash scan will check live processes


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