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Which browser should I use?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, there are some general guidelines which can help you choose the best browser for your internet experience. First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: no one recommends using internet explorer. It is the most widely used browser in the world because it comes standard with your computer. However, it is also the most targeted for security vulnerabilities for exactly that reason.

Browsers these days can be highly customized to meet your needs. Just like your iphone or Android, you can download apps, tools and scripts for most browsers to make things easier. For example, the most popular add-on is adblock because it stops websites from showing you annoying advertisements. Most browsers come with pop-up blockers now but you may need to download a stronger solution for those especially persistent websites. Noscript is a tool that will prevent javascript from being run on websites. This can prevent spam but it can also “break” certain website features such as chat boxes.

Speed and ease of use are a big consideration these days. In that department, Google Chrome and Opera lead the way for sheer performance. Most other browser features have now become standard for all the major players: website speed dial, tabbed browsing and session saving come default. However, we have noticed that not all browsers render websites the same. This means that some websites might look better or run more smoothly with difference browsers. If you run into problem in one browser, try opening the website in a different browser.

Finally, we would recommend trying them all out. We prefer Google Chrome because of its speed and excellent customizability. It integrates very well with skype, the google voice addon and gmail. However, we use firefox for website analysis and development because of a larger library of tools suited for website work.

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